Each year in mid-June for a short time, Bjelovar becomes the centre of the former Monarchy. During that time, its streets and squares hold the Terezijana, the largest tourist, cultural and entertainment event or, as some like to say, the most entertaining imperial story from central Croatia. The event is based on the legend of the founding of the city and the stay by Empress Maria Theresa in this area.

During the Terezijana event, Bjelovar is full of life. Large costumed theatrical scenes, large processions by historical army units and folk ensembles, great concerts, traditional street performers, a large assortment of products and cuisines, as well as hundreds of programs in various locations transform the city into one large podium which really is worth seeing and becoming a part of it.

During those days, it is as though Bjelovar and Bilogora endeavour to reveal the best they have to offer. From stocks of noble horses, horse-drawn carriages, large assortment of agricultural products and handmade crafts, including local foods and the best cakes. Various associations and institutions involved in the program organise shows, workshops, exhibitions and talks in which they present their valuable work they have done during the year.

During the Terezijana event, all of the days are filled with rich programs, whereas the imperial and fairy-tale nights last a lot longer, along with the theatrical scenes and great concerts by renowned showbusiness stars.

Visit Bjelovar and the Terezijana – get that imperial feeling!


The Empress monitors the progress of the city every year

The legend upon which the Terezijana originated

Back in those long-ago days, when she ruled over the Kingdom, the powerful and wise Empress Maria Theresa decided to visit her border guards who courageously defended the Monarchy against Ottoman conquests. While travelling in here carriage, she came across a unit defending the area of today’s Bjelovar. Given that the paths were not especially maintained at that time, one of the wheels on the imperial carriage broke, with no carriage craftsmen in sight.

While waiting for repairs to the carriage, the empress enjoyed the company of strong soldiers from Bilogora who endeavoured in all ways to shorten the time and show their hospitality. The happy and satisfied empress, as a sign of appreciation, decided to building a new city in that very location.
That is how Bjelovar came to be, and also the Terezijana…

We will let you in on another small secret. Hidden somewhere in the city is a stone testifying how much the empress enjoyed here stay here.

See you!

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