Babutočka vojna

Discover with us how courage and love can overcome any obstacles

During the time of the Ottoman conquests, the powerful Ulama-beg when withdrawing from the siege of Đurdevac in 1552 with his army, set up his camp close to Zrinski Topolovac, near Slukićevo Selo. Given that the men were defending their homeland on a number of fronts, only women, children and the elderly remained in the village. So how did they defend their village, protect their homes?

A wise and nice Janica had an idea on how to frighten the Turkish army.

When night had descended, and the army slept besides their chador, appearing from the darkness…

Find out about the rest of the story together with us in this theatrical scene performed on the largest stage in the very centre of the city.

What we can reveal to you is that the courageous villagers received help from the vedi giants, švecarci, forest girls as well as the powerful mythological creatures which on Bilogora are simply called danja.

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