Arrival of the empress

Experience the largest costume procession involving more than 500 participants

When the beats of military marches echo through Bjelovar in mid-June, and its streets and squares are filled with thousands of visitors, that is when something solemn is certainly happening. It is the arrival of Empress Maria Theresa and her court entourage. Accompanied by an orchestra, the entire court entourage of dignitaries and children following the ten or so traditional military units from throughout Croatia and neighbouring countries, pass through the city. Besides them, walking the streets of Bjelovar and also proudly showing off their tradition and beautiful traditional apparel are members of the cultural arts associations, not just Croatian but also minorities, all testifying to multiculturalism which has existed in these regions since long ago. The majestic imperial chariots, horse-drawn carriages and best horses from the traditional unit of the Bjelovar hussar border guards from the year 1756 pass through the city – leaving everyone astounded.

The imperial throne of the empress is where questions are raised as to what has taken place in Bjelovar from her last visit and whether the city is governed in a wise and responsible manner just as she had done during her time of rule. Afterwards, the empress heads off with the entire entourage and joins in to enjoy herself in the most entertaining imperial story from central Croatia.

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