The Empress’s departure

See you in Bjelovar at the 25th Terezijana – the most entertaining imperial story from central Croatia

And while the city is readying itself to go to sleep after a number of days and nights of intense entertainment, great concerts and programs, it is time to see the Empress off. The Empress is also tired, and she too after a short conversation and reminiscing over the days spent in Bjelovar, heads off towards the imperial capital with her entourage.

Bjelovar residents and their guests are left with many memories, anecdotes and interesting happenings which are preserved for years to come.

You too can become a part of some of these events!

Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board 
Trg Eugena Kvaternika 2
43 000 Bjelovar

Phone: +385 43 243 944
Fax: +385 43 241 229
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