Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board is the holder of rights in creating and/or publishing the content and managing the websites www.turizam-bilogorabjelovar.com.hr and www.terezijana.com.

The person using the respective websites (hereafter: User) hereby unconditionally consents to the application of these Terms of Use and it shall be deemed that the person is capable of accepting these Terms of Use and understands all risks associated with using the content published and accessible on the respective websites.

In using the content available on the websites (regardless of whether it is freely available to any User or provides limited access by applying security system and IT applications) is permitted solely in the manner and under the conditions defined in the Terms of Use.

Any use of the content accessible on the websites deviating from that mentioned is subject to the appropriate legal protection and application of appropriate and legally permitted measures towards the Use and/or third persons who have benefit from such use of content on this website.

Content published on the website

The content published and accessible on the website is in the form of text, graphics, trademarks, logos, photographs, catalogues, programs and other audiovisual content, computer applications and databases, as well as all other informative or technical material regardless of the manner it is presented, published or its accessibility to the User.

Intellectual property

The content published on the website is protected by the law on intellectual property rights, hence any unauthorised use of it may represent the basis for initiating proceedings for the protection of rights against the User by the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board or a third party authorised by the copyright holder. The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board when published copyrighted content will allow disclosing the name of the content author, i.e., name of the copyright holder, in the manner in which it is optimally possible without incurring greater costs or implementing special technical solutions.

Accessibility of the website

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board cannot guarantee accessibility to the website at all times and through all types of devices and browsers, nor via all communication links. The website may temporarily or for longer periods, completely or partially be inaccessible due to technical reasons or other circumstances (maintenance, errors, unavailable communication links, force majeure, decisions by public authorities or the like). The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board will not be deemed liable for any damage incurred due to unavailability of the website. The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board may at any time perform modifications to the website in any manner and in any form, w3hich includes changes to its visual identity, design and architecture, content management system and other application solutions relating to the functioning of the website.

Published content

The content published and accessible on this website is solely of an informative nature and taken from courses which the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board considers reliable, without any guarantee of any kind, expressly or implicitly, that it is accurate, timely, complete and/or appropriate for a certain purpose or certain manner of use. The mentioned content is used by the User solely at his/her responsibility and the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board cannot be deemed liable for any damage incurred due to its use or interpretation. All published content and information does not in any manner represent an offer or call to submit offers for commercial purposes or any other type of transaction in relation to the published content and information.

Manner and purpose of using the content

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board gives the User limited, non-transferrable and non-exclusive permission to view, print, copy and use in any other way the content on this website, solely for the User’s personal and non-commercial use, or for the purpose of promoting Bjelovar and Bilogora as a tourist destination, under the condition that the downloaded content is not changed or degraded in any way (including the publishing of morally unsuitable content on websites) and that the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board is cited as the source and the name of the content author is cited for the content.

Any other manner or purpose of using the content is permitted solely subject to prior written approval from the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board and/or other legal copyright holder for the content, solely from the person to which such authorisation is given and in the manner and for the purpose mentioned in the approval.

None of the photographs downloaded from this website may be used for commercial purposes (creating tourist guides, postcards and similar materials intended for direct sale).

In the event of unauthorised use, the authors may initiate court proceedings against the user for authorised use and breach of copyright.

Legal and physical persons who use the photographs on this website are obliged when publishing them to cite that they belong to the archive of the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board, and also cite and name and surname of the photograph author.

Manner of accessing the website and published content

Access to the website is possible for an unlimited number of persons using the appropriate computer equipment and internet connection. The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board retains the right in certain circumstances (maintenance, errors, unavailable communication links, force majeure, decisions by public authorities and the like) to limit, temporarily or for longer periods, entirely or partially, access to the website entirely or partially, for all Users and also a particular Users or group of Users. In any of the mentioned cases, the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board will not be deemed liable for any damages incurred due to limitations in accessing the website and published content.

When accessible the website and content, the User shall use standard technical equipment as well as the usual standards and manner of accessing websites. The content published on the website can be searched only by using permitted information technology methods, in the manner as well as quantity and measure in which it is usual for Users and natural persons. Any other manner of searching and/or using content used to bypass protected systems and information technology applications or if using certain applications or tools for simultaneously downloading quantities of data which is not usual for Users and natural persons represents a breach of copyrights belonging to the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board, for which the User will bear the appropriate material responsibility, or liability in terms of a felony or misdemeanour.

Content from third parties

The website may content from third parties, such as forums, screensavers, applications and the like, which third parties may independently download or create.

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board does not guarantee that such content is fully exempt from right claims by third parties, especially in terms of intellectual property.

For these mentioned reasons, the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board is not liable for damages which the User many incur in using the content of third parties in any sense whatsoever, regardless of whether it stems from the requirements of third parties or the faulty functioning of downloaded content.

Right to alter content

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board retains the right to alter, terminate (temporarily and permanently) any content or services on the website regardless of previous announcements and at any time and will not be deemed liable for any damage4s incurred due to such actions.

Links to external content

This website also contains information from third parties and/or links to other websites. The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board is not liability whatsoever for content on external sources of data to which links may lead from this site nor is it liable nor indicates the manner and terms of use for such content.

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board cannot guarantee accessibility of external content or the proper functioning of links to them, and will not be deemed liable for any damages whatsoever incurred due to the use of such content or access to it. The User is obliged to independently decide whether he or she will access such content via the links on this website, is personally liable for such actions and is aware of the consequences that may arise undertaking such actions.

Opting out

Based on given search settings, visits to the website are tracked using Google Analytics in order to generate anonymous statistical data used for improving user experience.

Do Not Track preferences

The “Do Not Track” function enables visitors to disable the option of having the website track them for any given purpose, including the use of services for analytics, advertising network and social media platforms. The “Do Not Track” option is available in a number of browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Should you enable the “Do Not Track” option, Google Analytics will respect your selection.

If you enable the “Do Not Track” option, you will not be tracked. This is an addition to disabling the collecting and analysis of data for generating statistical data on our website.

If you have not enabled the “Do Not Track” option, but decide to exclude yourself, the cookie piwik_ignore will be stored on your browser. Google Analytics will not track any visitors how have the piwik_ignore cookie.

If you have disabled cookies on your browser, we will continue to collect some general data on your searches (e.g., number of visitors on our website), but they will be less precise, and your visits will not be tracked (Piwik cookies are not used).

Severability clause

If it is ascertained that any of the provisions of these Terms of Use are subsequently void, that fact will not affect the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use which remain valid.

Resolving disputes and governing law

Efforts will be made to resolve all disputes in relation to these Terms of Use, including disputes relating to issues involving its origin, content or termination, in an amicable manner. If this is not possible, the jurisdiction of the actual relevant court in Bjelovar will be accepted.

These Terms of Use have been drawn up in accordance with Croatian law, where the Terms of Use and disputes arising from them are subject to Croatian law without the application of provisions of Croatian law directing to the consideration of the law of another state (renvoi) in the section in which it is permissible by international law.

Privacy protection and collection of data on Users

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board respect the privacy of its website Users. Data obtained in the registration process and other data on the User will not be given for perusal to any third party nor will the data be accessible to third parties, except in the event when such an obligation is regulated by valid laws.

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board may, in accordance with the law, collect certain data on users obtained during use of the website. Such collected data will be used by the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board for the purpose of improving functionality of the website and its content in order that it may be further directed and adapted to users, and may also be used for other activities which includes the promotion of tourism in the Bjelovar-Bilogora region, or undertaking tasks by the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board, which especially includes but is not limited to:
- Preparing analyses on User behaviour and preferences for the needs of market research and website optimisation (including analyses obtained using third party tools, e.g., Google Analytics, and the like),
- Adapting the website to new or different technical solutions or User requirements,
- Optimisation of intuitiveness and easier user and access to content,
- Remarketing of user requirements, i.e., retargeting of Users for the purpose o promoting Croatian tourism.

For the purpose of collecting certain data on user activities or requirements, the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board may use small files called cookies which are stored on the User’s computer and serve for achieving certain purposes. Accordingly, the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board publishes the appropriate Cookie Policy on its website and which the User becomes familiar with in the appropriate manner when first accessing the site. The Cookie Policy describes which types of cookies and for what purpose the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board uses them, and refers the User to option of rejecting use of cookies, or acceptance of them thereby consenting to the manner and purpose of their use and in the mentioned case the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board will not be deemed liable for any damages incurred due to the storing and use of cookies in the manner and for the purpose for which the User consented upon accepting the Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy is published separately from these Terms of Use but are an integral part thereof.

When accessing the website, the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board may temporarily store the User’s IP address. IP addresses can be stored and used solely for tracking User activity on the website (activity log) for the purpose of uncovering breaches of laws or these Terms of Use, identifying illegal or other unacceptable actions. Data on IP addresses and tracking user activity may be ceded at any time to public authorities in order to determine any existence of the User’s legally founded liability. Storing IP addresses and data on user activity is conducted temporarily, and not longer than one month.

Your personal data is collected only when you provide the information voluntarily. Data on you is collected at the time when you fill the form for the Public call or Tender announced by the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board. Also, when you seek, via direct interaction with the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board on the telephone or email, information, promotional materials and the like. You should keep in mind that non-personal information and data may be collected via our internet server and through the use of cookies. Information on your use of our website includes:
- Information collected via cookies or directly through user forms,
- Your IP address,
- Your email address, name and surname when entering data into a newsletter form or some other type of form,
- Time spent on the website,
- Most visited and most viewed pages and links on our website,
- Most popular keywords on account of which users arrive at the website owned by the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board.

Visitors are guaranteed that all of their personal data will be handled as confidential information and business secrets.
The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board shall, in accordance with valid laws and these Terms of Use, keep the privacy of the User of this website, except in the base of breaching these Terms of Use or actions by the Users in a manner that is contrary to current laws.

Data processing

We collect, use and process your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, and other valid laws applicable in the Republic of Croatia regulating personal data protection.

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board will undertake the necessary measures for the purpose of protecting your personal data against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction, and will keep personal data precise and up to date however long as possible.

We will use data obtained from your and about you for one or more of the following purposes:
- Collection information on you helps us better respond to your individual needs and requirements,
- For the purpose of more efficient business operations and improving the website belonging to the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board (we are constantly working on improving the website based on user feedback)
- In order to update information and data on the actual website and the like,
- In order to have the possibility of sending publications and other promotional materials and brochures,
- In order for statistical processing of data.

By providing your personal data, such as email address, telephone number and the like, you are also providing your explicit consent to the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board to contact you and inform you of our offers regarding our services and thereby acknowledging that you are familiar with our Privacy Policy. In the event that you do not want to receive information on our services, you are obliged to explicitly inform (via email or registered mail) the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board of such intentions.

Personal data regulating and which includes our Privacy Policy:
• Name and surname,
• Address,
• Email address,
• Telephone, mobile phone and fax number,
• Your preferences for improving our services,
• Any other data which you provide and wish to remain secret,
• Curriculum vitae when applying for a job,
• Information on your family agricultural business, household activities, associations, business or company.
Content of the Privacy Policy.

We do not sell your personal data, nor lease out nor disclose it to third parties without your explicit consent because otherwise it is against the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Act.

If we want to contact your in any manner regarding promotional offers and services, we shall seek your consent for that.
The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board is not liable for accidental mistakes or mistakes on account of force majeure which could possibly breach the protection of your personal data, but we do guarantee to your that we will certainly rectify such mistakes as soon as possible if it all possible.

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board collects only personal data which you voluntarily submit and use it for the need of providing the above-mentioned services. We do not require that you send us your data in order to access the4 website nor do we require that you disclose your data prior to when it is really necessary for the requirements of some of our services.
In filling out the form downloaded from the website, you guarantee that the information your have cited is accurate and that you agree with the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

Links from third parties

We allow third parties to process your personal data only for the particular purposes and we require that they take care of the security of your personal data and act in accordance with the law. The use of your personal data for their personal needs is not permitted and this issue is resolved by establishing a contractual relationship between the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board and the third party.

Confidentiality of information

We emphasise that your personal data remains secret during visits to the website belonging to the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board, except you want to voluntarily disclose them. We promise not to disclose your personal data to third parties, except in cases stipulated by valid laws.

Your consent

In using the website belonging to the Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board, you provide your consent to this Privacy Policy.

Right to lodge a complaint

At any time, you can send a complaint to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP), to the relevant body in the Republic of Croatia, in relation to our manner of collecting and processing your personal data.

Amendments to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Bilogora-Bjelovar Tourist Board retains the right to amend these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time and is not permitted nor will be liable for possible consequences arising from such changes. All the mentioned aments come into force on the date of publishing them on this website. 

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