Terezijana – because food is love!

Some say that a man’s love comes from his stomach. We kind of agree with that and are confident that you too will agree with that nice thought and fall in love at first sight with Bilogora cuisine. Along with all the rich taste sensations and scents which are great hosts, the farming families, associations and other food producers have to offer at the Tastes of Bilogora event.

Bilogora cuisine is prepared based on recipes handed down over the generations, recipes that are traditional and simple to prepare. Quality fresh foodstuffs guaranteed by the preserved nature of Bilogora are used for the most mouth-watering culinary creations. That is how the Bilogora culinary story is presented which you can discovered for yourselves in the centre of Bjelovar at this event during the Terezijana.

Discover the story of the Bjelovar kvargl (smoked cone-shaped cheese) which in 2020 became the 25th Croatian product to become a protected brand in Europe, and which was first produced back in the year 1756 in this area when Bjelovar was founded. However, given that you are in a region of Croatia best known for animal husbandry, you can also enjoy delicious dairy products, such as cottage cheese and sour cream. We are sure that the cheese pies will leave you speechless. If you prefer dry-meat products, you will find the offered bacon, sausages and other meat delicacies to be mouth-watering. Enjoy the most delicious local cakes which assiduous Bilogora women will place on tables in the centre of Bjelovar. You will also have the opportunity to find out a lot more about kovrtanje (yeast-leavened bread), sweet bread which was once baked only for the most special occasions. Can anything be more solemn that Terezijana?!

The richness of Bilogora cuisine has for centuries been the contribution of national minorities who found a home here for themselves, bringing with them from their country of origin outstanding culinary mastery in which the uniqueness of national cuisines is recognisable.

Try also the specialties made from wild game and freshwater fish which will show you the ‘wild’ side of the Bilogora forests, fields, fishponds and rivers.

Bilogora is widely known for its honey fields, hence acacia, linden, chestnut and flower honey are a must for teas, sweets and cakes.

That is why we are inviting all of our dear hosts, cooks and all those you who believe you can bake the best cake to register for the Empress’s Gingerbread Competition. Contestants can enter two possible categories:
1. Best gingerbread
2. Best honey cake

In addition, the traditional military unit of the Bjelovar hussar border guards from the year 1756 along with their Hungarian friends will join in for breakfast and some socialising with Bjelovar residents and their guests.

What kind of culinary story would it be without the best wines, fruit brandies, liqueurs, craft beers and all that starts and ends a good meal.

See you there! Bon apétite!

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